About Jay Andrew Allen (このサイトについて)

Welcome to Japan Translated. Here, you’ll find news, views and cultural information about Japan directly translated from Japanese sources, along with some occasionally commentary by Yours Truly.

I’m a manager in the American IT industry who’s been a lifelong fan of Japan and the Japanese language. I closely follow Japanese news, politics and business in order to continue to deepen my understanding about the nation. I have direct experience working with Japanese business partners, and welcome future opportunities to expand my interaction with Japanese businesses. If you are an American company in need of a Japan liaison, or a Japanese company looking for someone to help manage your US-based operations, please check out my LinkedIn profile, or contact me directly.

I take a lot of time to work on my Japanese, and am trying to develop my Japanese writing skills to be as strong as my English writing skills. That’s my encoded way of saying that you may not see me post here for long intervals of time. Rather than post every day (or even every week), I’d rather post less frequently but with higher quality, with the hopes that I what I write is informative at least, and provides some insight into Japanese culture at its best.